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Experience Psychology

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Do you want your students to just take psychology or to experience psychology?

Experience Psychology is a complete learning system that empowers students to personally, critically, and actively experience the impact of psychology in everyday life. Experience Psychology is about, well, experience-our own behaviors; our relationships at home and in our communities, in school and at work; and our interactions in different learning environments. Grounded in meaningful real-world contexts, Experience Psychology's contemporary examples, personalized author notes, and applied exercises speak directly to students, allowing them to engage with psychology and to learn verbally, visually, and experientially-by reading, seeing, and doing. With the Experience Psychology learning system, students do not just "take" psychology but activelyexperience it.

Experience a Personalized Approach How many students think they know everything about introductory psychology but struggle on the first exam?LearnSmart, McGraw-Hill's adaptive learning system, pinpoints students' metacognitive abilities and limitations, identifying what they know-and more importantly, what they don't know. Using Bloom's Taxonomy and a highly sophisticated "smart" algorithm, LearnSmart creates a personalized, customized study plan that's unique to each individual student's demonstrated needs. With virtually no administrative overhead, instructors using LearnSmart are reporting an increase in student performance by a letter-grade or more. Throughout Experience Psychology, students find a wealth of personal pedagogical "asides" directly from Laura King to guide their understanding and stimulate their interest as they read. Some of these helpful notes highlight crucial terms and concepts; others prompt students to think critically about the complexities of the issues; other notes encourage students to apply what they have learned to their prior reading or to a new situation. These mini-conversations between author and students help develop analytical skills for students to carry and apply well beyond their course.

Experience an Emphasis on Critical Thinking Experience Psychology stimulates critical reflection and analysis.Challenge Your Thinking sidebar features involve students in debates relevant to findings from contemporary psychological research. Thought-provoking questions encourage examination of the evidence on both sides of a debate or issue. Also oriented toward critical thought are the text's Intersection selections. Showcasing studies in different areas of psychological research that are being conducted on the same topic, the Intersections shed light on the links between, and the reciprocal influences of, this exciting work, and they raise provocative questions for student reflection and class discussion.

Experience an Emphasis on Active EngagementWith the new Experience It! feature, students can use their mobile devices to practice and master key concepts wherever and whenever they choose. By snapping easily located QR codes, students gain access to videos, Concept Clips, and related news articles, for a highly portable, rich, and immersive experience that powerfully reinforces the chapter reading. ThroughDo It!, a series of brief, reoccurring sidebar activities linked to the text reading, students get an opportunity to test their assumptions and learn through hands-on exploration and discovery. Reinforcing that the science of psychology requires active participation, Do It! selections include, for example, an exercise on conducting an informal survey to observe and classify behaviors in a public setting, as well as an activity guiding students on how to research a "happiness gene." Such exercises provide students with a vibrant and involving experience that gets them thinking as psychologists do. Experience Psychology helps students to perform to their maximum potential in and out of the classroom, fully engaging them in the content and experiences that comprise the world's most popular undergraduate major.

A Social Psychology Research Experience

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A Social Psychology Research Experience is a workbook that offers students a hands-on introduction to how social psychologists develop and test their research questions. Used in conjunction with a comprehensive instructor's manual, this workbook includes skill building and interactive group activities that lead students through hypothesis generation, experimental design, the institutional review process, data analysis, writing, and dissemination of their research findings. Students also learn about and gain experience using diverse data collection methodologies, such as priming procedures, psychophysiological measures, surveys, and behavioral observation. Developed by two experimental social psychologists with several years of combined experience teaching and supervising undergraduate student research, this is a truly unique workbook; it covers the entire research experience in detail, while other comparable books tend to only focus on specific parts of the process, such as experimental design or data analysis. Dr. Jennifer J. Harman received her Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut in Social Psychology with a certificate in quantitative methods in 2005, and is currently an Associate Professor of Applied Social Psychology at Colorado State University. She has developed and taught many undergraduate and graduate psychology courses for both traditional classroom offering and on-line learning environments. Her research specifically examines relationship behaviors that put people at risk for physical and psychological health problems (e.g., sexual risk taking, communication problems), and she directly trains many undergraduate students on the research process in her laboratory. Learn more about Dr. Harman at Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Purdue University in 2008, and is currently a College Fellow in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. Dr. Lehmiller is an accomplished educator and was recently awarded a Certificate of Teaching Excellence from Harvard. He is also a prolific scholar and has published over 25 pieces of scientific writing to date spanning a range of topics, including secret romantic relationships, "friends with benefits," commitment, and sexual orientation. Dr. Lehmiller is frequently interviewed by media outlets such as CNN, The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, and Men's Health for his expertise on sexuality and relationships. He also runs a popular blog entitled The Psychology of Human Sexuality. Learn more about Dr. Lehmiller at

The Angel Experience

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This book provides a personalised, practical and direct experience of the profound healing that can be yours when you connect with your angels.

Going far beyond a reference guide, The Angel Experience is more like a personal tutor, leading you through key ideas and concepts via inspirational and holistic hands-on exercises and rituals. Interactive exercises help you to tailor the book to your needs. Journaling sections allow you to write your own experiences directly into the book. The step-by-step learning programme guides you to revision work and more advanced exercises.

An exclusive CD featuring meditations and inspirational music will bring you into a receptive state for deeper work. Featuring case studies throughout that allow you to gauge your experience against those of others, this holistic, integrated and practical guide is your personal angel workshop in a book.

Project Management + Wileyplus Learning Space

RRP $520.99

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This package includes an unbound, loose leaf copy of ISBN 9781118947029 and a registration code for the WileyPLUS Learning Space course associated with the text. Before you purchase, check with your instructor or review your course syllabus to ensure that your instructor requires WileyPLUS Learning Space. Note that WileyPLUS Learning Space and traditional WileyPLUS codes are not interchangeable; check with your instructor to be sure that WileyPLUS Learning Space is required.

For customer technical support, please visit WileyPLUS Learning Space registration cards are only included with new products. Used and rental products may not include registration cards. 

 Designed for project management courses for business students, Project Management: A Managerial Approach, 9th Edition Binder Ready Version guides students through all facets of the steps needed to successfully manage a project.  The authors' managerial perspective addresses the basic nature of managing all types of projects as well as the specific techniques and insights required for selecting, initiating, executing, and evaluating those projects.

Evaluating The Undergraduate Research Experience

RRP $262.99

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The current movement toward more and better research experiences for undergraduates has spread across disciplines in the arts, humanities, science, mathematics, and engineering beyond the "research university" to the full range of post-secondary institutions of higher education. Along with this spread of practice is the need to take stock of the programs and make use of evaluation to inform program improvement and to communicate an understanding of the worth of the program to funders, institutional administrators, faculty/mentors, and students.

The main aim of the book is to provide a practical guide for planning an evaluation of an undergraduate experience program. The intent is to enable a program director to plan with a team consisting of an internal evaluator and program staff, a systematic and rigorous study of the program (processes, products, organizational dynamics, etc.) including the gathering and analysis of information that is context-sensitive, and connected to an argument and justification for descriptive, causal, and practice-useful claims. It is useful for a program director to contract with an evaluator. It is specific to the field of undergraduate research experience while being useful for other fields. It places strong emphasis on how to find and specify evaluation questions that yield information that has high leverage for program improvement and demonstrating the effectiveness and worth of the program. A measure of attitude toward evaluation allows you to reflect on your leanings evaluation orientations such as formative/summative, process/product, preordinate goals/emergent goals, and other characteristics of approaches to and confidence in evaluation.

The main readership is targeted to directors and developers of undergraduate research experience programs. While the examples are mainly in the undergraduate research experience, it will be found useful for instructors of courses in project evaluation and beginning level evaluators. The usefulness of the book is enhanced by a checklist in the final chapter that integrates the approaches from throughout the book referencing the earlier discussions.


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