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A Social Psychology Research Experience

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A Social Psychology Research Experience is a workbook that offers students a hands-on introduction to how social psychologists develop and test their research questions. Used in conjunction with a comprehensive instructor's manual, this workbook includes skill building and interactive group activities that lead students through hypothesis generation, experimental design, the institutional review process, data analysis, writing, and dissemination of their research findings. Students also learn about and gain experience using diverse data collection methodologies, such as priming procedures, psychophysiological measures, surveys, and behavioral observation. Developed by two experimental social psychologists with several years of combined experience teaching and supervising undergraduate student research, this is a truly unique workbook; it covers the entire research experience in detail, while other comparable books tend to only focus on specific parts of the process, such as experimental design or data analysis. Dr. Jennifer J. Harman received her Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut in Social Psychology with a certificate in quantitative methods in 2005, and is currently an Associate Professor of Applied Social Psychology at Colorado State University. She has developed and taught many undergraduate and graduate psychology courses for both traditional classroom offering and on-line learning environments. Her research specifically examines relationship behaviors that put people at risk for physical and psychological health problems (e.g., sexual risk taking, communication problems), and she directly trains many undergraduate students on the research process in her laboratory. Learn more about Dr. Harman at Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Purdue University in 2008, and is currently a College Fellow in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. Dr. Lehmiller is an accomplished educator and was recently awarded a Certificate of Teaching Excellence from Harvard. He is also a prolific scholar and has published over 25 pieces of scientific writing to date spanning a range of topics, including secret romantic relationships, "friends with benefits," commitment, and sexual orientation. Dr. Lehmiller is frequently interviewed by media outlets such as CNN, The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, and Men's Health for his expertise on sexuality and relationships. He also runs a popular blog entitled The Psychology of Human Sexuality. Learn more about Dr. Lehmiller at

Healing Is A Whole Person Experience

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The book you hold holds power. It is a potent story of a woman's healing journey. It is a roadmap for healers in training. It is a guiding, loving light for those lost and solid grounding for those found. I speak from my own whole person experience reading this book, having walked with the author, guided to explore, heal, and thus awaken my past and present mind, body, and soul. This book is a process which serves to dissolve barriers, support integration, enhance awareness of personal purpose, and inspire aligned action.

I am healed. I am whole.

These statements exalt, and ground a power inherent in our words - our natural ability to heal self and other, within and without, through faithful proclamation of our intention. The package, form, or wrapped blessing carrying the intention is simply stylistic choice of delivery. Some speak, many lay hands, and others silently sing a subtle, yet universally powerful intention. Each is a gift equally qualified and definitely potent. In these pages you will be encouraged to expand your relationship with the healing power of your intention. This gift is yours to learn, master, and share.

"Mahavatar" means "great avatar," which is another word for Master, Great Teacher, or Enlightened One. "Babaji" me

About the Author

Anya grew up in the Midwest in a country home her great grandfather built. She had 20 acres on which to roam, dream and play and a river to paddle upon. In her formative years, she attended a one room schoolhouse and played on an inter-school softball team. Her playmates were spread around the county; their playground the woods, creeks and always the river. This wondrous freedom became the template of everything that followed; the ability to see with a fresh eye; the propensity to look behind and beneath and above; all the intuitive tools of a would-be healer, a trade that would one day become her own.

Midlife was spent in wifing and mothering. But the call to explore was ever present. Once single she began to move west and exploring territories consumed her, the hunger for place ever present. Each destination filled her with its requisite energy and then another would call. Then came the call to stretch and grow at a four year training program in the art and science of healing Everything after that was filtered through the lens of multidimensionality; the keen knowing that comes from direct Guidance that became her stock and trade.

Now older and more settled, the twenty plus years of healing provide the journeys that fascinate; each client offering a new territory to be explored, a learning to be grasped; an unveiling to amaze. Even now the journeys continue.

Currently, Anya has found her place of rest in the mountains of Eastern Washington where she lives with her partner, Norman, her standard poodle, Jasper, and her Siamese kitty, Bently.

keywords: Healing, Inquiry, Chakras, Spiritual, Energy, Guidance, Avatar, Growth, Meditation, Breath

Creating Holistic Technology-enhanced Learning Experiences

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The global level of economic, ecological, social, political and cultural integration across nation states and the rapid advancement of technology have brought about transformations that are part of globalisation. Our students are expected to be agents of change rather than passive observers of world events; and at the same time, to live together in an increasingly diverse and complex society and to reflect on and interpret fast changing information. In such a new world order, the holistic development of our students, namely in the cognitive, aesthetics, physical, social and moral, leadership and global domains, is pivotal. This edited book provides descriptive and interpretive accounts of how an elementary school in the FutureSchools@Singapore programme creates holistic technology-enhanced learning experiences for its students at the classroom and school levels. By documenting these accounts and linking them to student learning outcomes, the school will lead the way in providing possible models for the seamless and pervasive integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) into the curriculum for the holistic development of our students.

Ict & Language Learning

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Experts and researchers in the field of ICT and language learning are increasingly emphasising that, once a new form of technology has become available, the starting point of research projects should not be the innovation itself but rather its role in the language learning process. This book is aimed at researchers and practitioners in the area of Information and Communications Technologies and language learning who want to integrate research and practice in this emerging field. The book deals with current developments in Europe, with the majority of the chapters focusing on the results of collaborative international projects. It includes two chapters on the place of ICT and language learning in the context of higher education and research in Europe, as well as studies on current developments in areas such as authoring tools, Human Language Technologies, corpora and concordancing, video-conferencing, e-mail tandem networks and the role of the Internet in language learning and teaching.

Mountaintop Experiences In The Valley, 2nd Edition

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Mountaintop Experiences in the Valley was originally written in 2003 when the author began with asking God "Why so much pain?," "What do I do with this despair?," and "How can I be a testimony to Christ in the midst of all this?" Her initial writing was one to find the answers herself. This second edition expands the books purpose to include you, the reader. This was done by adding too elements to the original version. The author with great honesty reveals what pains or sorrows had lead up to each chapter and what steps you can take if you find yourself in the same trial. This is a must read for anyone who has faced deep despair, loneliness or guilt over a sense of being a failure. This book delves deep into the heart of God through an intense review of scripture dealing with each subject addressed. With each subject addressed, it also gives a step by step guide to how to overcome that trial in your life, so that you may find true joy no matter what the circumstances that surround you.


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