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Building Learning Experiences In A Changing World

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Advances in Business Education & Training is a Book Series to foster advancement in the field of Business Education and Training. It serves as an international forum for scholarly and state-of-the-art research and development into all aspects of Business Education and Training.

This new volume deals with several aspects of the challenge to design learning in and for a changing world. The first part concerns program development. How to build curricula that are future-proof? Principles to innovate our curricula are identified. It answers the question how we can incorporate the need for change in our thinking about curriculum-development and identify the necessary elements to incorporate in our curricula. The second part focuses on the increasing diversity of students and employees within our schools and organizations, in terms of culture, language, and perception of ability, gifts, and talents. This offers a range of opportunities, but at the same time can possibly jeopardize some processes that are taken for granted. Chapters in this part analyze the processes that play a crucial role in dealing with this diversity and identify educational practices that can help to harvest the potential that lies within this diversity. The third part of this book digs further into the possibilities that are opened up by the implementation of ICT-support in our learning environments. E-learning provides tools to adapt these environments to the needs of an increasingly diverse student-population. In the last part we focus specifically on the workplace and how learning can be designed in such a way that employees are equipped for a shifting workplace. On the one hand it is looked how training can affect performance in the workplace. Does learning transfer to the work environment? On the other hand it is questioned how one can design affordances to trigger learning in the workplace.

Healing Is A Whole Person Experience

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The book you hold holds power. It is a potent story of a woman's healing journey. It is a roadmap for healers in training. It is a guiding, loving light for those lost and solid grounding for those found. I speak from my own whole person experience reading this book, having walked with the author, guided to explore, heal, and thus awaken my past and present mind, body, and soul. This book is a process which serves to dissolve barriers, support integration, enhance awareness of personal purpose, and inspire aligned action.

I am healed. I am whole.

These statements exalt, and ground a power inherent in our words - our natural ability to heal self and other, within and without, through faithful proclamation of our intention. The package, form, or wrapped blessing carrying the intention is simply stylistic choice of delivery. Some speak, many lay hands, and others silently sing a subtle, yet universally powerful intention. Each is a gift equally qualified and definitely potent. In these pages you will be encouraged to expand your relationship with the healing power of your intention. This gift is yours to learn, master, and share.

"Mahavatar" means "great avatar," which is another word for Master, Great Teacher, or Enlightened One. "Babaji" me

About the Author

Anya grew up in the Midwest in a country home her great grandfather built. She had 20 acres on which to roam, dream and play and a river to paddle upon. In her formative years, she attended a one room schoolhouse and played on an inter-school softball team. Her playmates were spread around the county; their playground the woods, creeks and always the river. This wondrous freedom became the template of everything that followed; the ability to see with a fresh eye; the propensity to look behind and beneath and above; all the intuitive tools of a would-be healer, a trade that would one day become her own.

Midlife was spent in wifing and mothering. But the call to explore was ever present. Once single she began to move west and exploring territories consumed her, the hunger for place ever present. Each destination filled her with its requisite energy and then another would call. Then came the call to stretch and grow at a four year training program in the art and science of healing Everything after that was filtered through the lens of multidimensionality; the keen knowing that comes from direct Guidance that became her stock and trade.

Now older and more settled, the twenty plus years of healing provide the journeys that fascinate; each client offering a new territory to be explored, a learning to be grasped; an unveiling to amaze. Even now the journeys continue.

Currently, Anya has found her place of rest in the mountains of Eastern Washington where she lives with her partner, Norman, her standard poodle, Jasper, and her Siamese kitty, Bently.

keywords: Healing, Inquiry, Chakras, Spiritual, Energy, Guidance, Avatar, Growth, Meditation, Breath

The Silent Experiences Of Young Bilingual Learners

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Many teachers are increasingly concerned with how to best support the learning of the rising numbers of bilingual learners in schools - particularly those children who are new to English and therefore cannot yet communicate with the teacher or their peers in their first language - during the silent period. This book offers an alternative insight to that which is most commonly available to teachers and researchers, as instead of examining language acquisition purely from a linguistic approach; it explores the learning that is occurring through a sociocultural lens and even more significantly, from the young child's perspective - the worm's eye view. Investigated through the experiences of young bilingual learners allows the reader to make sense of the making meaning that occurs when the child cannot make sense of his/her new 'world'; nor communicate verbally in the language of instruction in the classroom. Remarkably, learning through the silent period is revealed as both complex and 'messy' as the bilingual child mediates his or her own learning through a synthesis of alternative learning pathways. The silent period is presented as a crucial time for learning; distributed through a synthesis of close observation, intense listening and most significantly copying the practices of others. Throughout the silent period the children are not only seen to be learning but also contributing to the classroom practices. The book not only initiates new understandings of second language learning, but also offers creative ideas on how to raise the achievement of children who are learning English as an additional language.

Using Music To Enhance Student Learning

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Integrating musical activities in the elementary school classroom can assist in effectively teaching and engaging students in Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies, while also boosting mental, emotional and social development. However, many elementary education majors fear they lack the needed musical skills to use music successfully. Future elementary school teachers need usable, practical musical strategies to easily infuse into their curriculum.

Written for both current and future teachers with little or no previous experience in music,Using Music to Enhance Student Learning, 2nd Edition offers strategies that are not heavily dependent on musical skills. While many textbooks are devoted to teaching music theory skills, this textbook is dedicated to pedagogy - the actual teaching of music - particularly in those schools without a separate music class in their curriculum. The ultimate goal is for future teachers to provide their elementary school classes with engaging learning experiences. These learning experiences are clearly presented to enable children to acquire knowledge in all subject areas within a joyful, creative environment rich with music activities.

New to the second edition are the animated listening maps, more audio tracks, a new guitar unit, expanded coverage in the recorder unit, a connection with visual art and music, expanded activities in American history and math, and updated research and statistics.


  • Animated "Listening Maps" help listeners focus on music selections through clear visual representations of sound.

  • Group Activities reinforce the social aspects of music-making, as well as the benefits of collaborative teaching and learning.

  • A thorough integration of music in the curriculum establishes that music is essential in a child's development, and that the incorporation of music will enhance all other subjects/activities in the classroom.

  • Learning Aids include "Tantalizing Tidbits of Research," which provide the justifications for why these activities are important, as well as "Teaching Tips," and "Thinking It Through" activities

The Using Music Package

  • Streamed listening selections from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary Periods

  • Get America SingingAgain! Volume 1 (an MENC publication) with 43 songs that represent America's varied music heritage of folk, traditional, and patriotic themes

  • Appendices include a songbook with Hispanic folksongs, a recorder music songbook and a guitar unit,

  • Companion website hosts various teaching and learning resources

Sonic Experience

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COCKTAIL or COCKTAIL-PARTY The ability to concentrate our attention on the speech of a specific speaker by disregarding parasite information coming from the surroundings... From the physical perspective, one of the predominant elements is the spatial separation of noise and speech. On the psychophysiological level, selective listening is governed by our capacity to discriminate sounds from different sources - by our capacity to localize in the noise. Related effects: ASYNDETON Never before has the "everyday soundtrack" of urban space been so cacophonous. Since the 1970s, sound researchers have attempted to classify noise, music, and everyday sounds using concepts such as Pierre Shafer's "sound object" and R. Murray Schafer's "soundscape." Recently, the most significant team of soundscape researchers in the world has been concerned with the effects of sounds on listeners. In a multidisciplinary work spanning musicology, electro-acoustic composition, architecture, urban studies, communication, phenomenology, social theory, physics, and psychology, Jean-Francois Augoyard, Henry Torgue, and their associates at the Centre for Research on Sonic Space and the Urban Environment (CRESSON) in Grenoble, France, provide an alphabetical sourcebook of eighty sonic/auditory effects. Their accounts of sonic effects such as echo, anticipation, vibrato, and wha-wha integrate information about the "objective" physical spaces in which sounds occur with cultural contexts and individual auditory experience. Sonic Experience attempts to rehabilitate general acoustic awareness, combining accessible definitions and literary examples with more in-depth technical information for specialists.


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